Not sure how to approach the self-learning resources? Fear not, your friends at nwPlus put together what we think is a potential way for you to approach the resource based on your level of experience!

🌱 Learning to code - how should I start?

Are you learning programming from scratch? Super impressive! Here, try starting with these basics and you'll work your way up in no time.

Resources from nwPlus

🌿 Just took my first CS course - now what?

Here are great resources for you after you've completed your first CS course(s), including beginner-friendly topics that aren't typically taught in class!

Resources from nwPlus - to Know Before Starting Your Own Project

Online Courses

🌳 Took a bunch of CS courses - what else is out there?

So you just finished a handful of CS courses, maybe fresh out of second year! Eager and excited to get more hands-on and see what else is out there because lecture material is simply too theoretical?

Resources from nwPlus

Online Courses && More Resources

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