Git Workflow & Common Pitfalls/Mistakes

git workflow

  1. (first time setup) clone the repository git clone

    • what does cloning the repository mean?
      • you're "grabbing" the latest version of the code from GitHub
      • you only need to do this once at the beginning
      • this is what it could look like git setup photo 1
  2. check out a new branch git checkout -b NAME-OF-BRANCH

    • it should look like this:
      • the name of the default branch in my example is called CREDITSS (shown in a blue colour)
        • the default branch is called master by default, although it varies by repository
      • we checked out to a new branch called EXAMPLE git setup photo 1
    • checking out a new branch means that you're working on a different version
      • like a paper - this means you're working on a draft involving one idea for the final paper
      • you don't want to work on the idea directly on the final paper but rather on a draft
      • if you don't use the "draft" having branches makes it easier to not include it
      • if you do use the "draft" you can easily put it in the final paper - master
  3. make your changes, go wild!
    • you can add something to the README or do some code!
  4. tell git to track your changes by doing git add .
    • try to do this in the beginning before you start making any changes
    • git add . will add ALL changes; you can add only some changes by specifying a file instead of .
  5. save your changes and give it a meaningful name by doing git commit -m "describe your changes here"
  6. double check to see what git is keeping track of by doing git status
  7. push those changes up to github git push origin NAME-OF-BRANCH
  8. go to github and make a pull request!
  9. merge it into master branch

Common Pitfalls/Mistakes

common pitfalls

  1. help! what do i do if my git says "failed to push some refs to origin"
    1. you wanna pull your changes and do git pull origin master
  2. help! i wanna revert to an earlier version!
    1. find the last time you saved your work by doing git log and keep track of the hash
    2. then git reset --hard <hash>
  3. how do i update my local version to be up to date with github?
    1. git pull origin NAME-OF-BRANCH will update the a specific branch
  4. how do i switch branches?
    1. git checkout NAME-OF-BRANCH

common mistakes

  • not including spaces between your commands gitcommit vs git commit
  • not pushing or pulling your repository
    • not pulling -this means that you aren't working on the latest version of the project
    • not pushing - that means you haven't uploaded the latest version of the project
  • working on the wrong branch
    • you meant to do it in branch A but you did it in branch B
    • check which branch you're on in git
  • working on the master directly (if there are multiple people working or different versions)
    • similarly to a paper, it would be as if you're working on the final paper rather than a draft

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