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Hi there, welcome to the Self-Learning Resources Wiki! Whether you're a student looking into getting into the field of Computer Science or already a seasoned developer, this guide hopes to provide some resources that will aid you in your journey into learning more about this vast field.

We've structured this guide such that there are chapters that cover topics that may help you in that leg of your journey. You can navigate them through the sidebar on the left.

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.

Getting Started

You’ve never coded in your life

Never written a line of code? No worries! This chapter will cover about what coding is, and a few guides into the basics of software development.


You know for-loops go brrrr but haven’t built anything tangible yet

Have you just finished taking your first few CS courses and thought "wow, that's pretty cool"? This chapter is for you. It will cover some software development essentials that aren't usually covered in class like Git, the command line, and more!


You’ve built and deployed some stuff but want to go deeper

Built a few simple projects and maybe even gone to a hackathon or two? This chapter will cover some more advanced topics like APIs, coding interviews, and more.

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